Student Life

Residential Life

At TJ you are more than a resident, you are a part of our family. 
Learning to live alongside your peers is an invaluable life skill, and an essential one in preparing for college and beyond. As parents by proxy, we provide our boarding students with all of the creature comforts needed to mirror their experience at home (including reminders to do laundry). In addition to our expert faculty, our boarding life staff consists of Resident Assistants (RAs)-many of whom either have or are pursuing degrees in social work or counseling-a school nurse, a school counselor, and members of our student-led Boarding Council, typically an upperclassman. 

TJ is committed to creating a safe and inclusive boarding community that is welcoming to all students. We are proud to be a community where students are able to openly express their identities and be recognized and celebrated for who they are. To that end, we offer a variety of housing options to ensure that each dorm is a supportive space for students of all gender identities and gender expressions. Most living spaces are designated as male or female spaces to house students identifying as that gender. We also offer, with parent permission, a gender-inclusive housing option, which is designed for students of all gender expressions, including transgender, gender nonconforming, and gender queer students as well as students who are allies and trusted advocates. Students in all dorms usually have one full-time roommate and up to two day students who utilize desk space in the dorm during the academic day. Rooms are spacious, averaging 350 sq. feet (33 sq. meters) and most rooms have private bathrooms. All rooms have a keypad secured entrance.

Weekend activities are always available but not required. Our students enjoy exploring St. Louis such as going to Forest Park to walk through the zoo and the art museum or trying one of the many different cultural restaurants. The school provides transportation to nearby shopping, movie theaters and restaurants.

List of 11 items.

  • 20 Acres

    of green space in a park-like setting.
  • 5 Outdoor Tennis Courts

  • Gymnasium

    Gymnasium building designed by famed architect, William Bernoudy.
  • Fitness, Dance, and Yoga Studio

  • Art Center

    Two art studios, pottery wheel, and kiln.
  • Spacious dormitories

    7 freestanding, cottage-style dormitories, each with a Resident Assistant apartment. Each dorm room has a private key-pad entry and full bathrooms. Two boarding students per dorm room.

    Single-sex and gender inclusive housing offered.
  • Outdoor Soccer Field

  • Colonnade and Native Species Garden

  • Student Health Center

  • SmartBoard Integrated Classrooms

  • Science Laboratories

    2 fully equipped science laboratories

Thomas Jefferson School

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