Admissions FAQ

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  • What does is mean to be a Day and Boarding School?

    TJ has three categories of students:
    • Day Student: A day student typically lives in the St. Louis metro area. They come to TJ every day for school and go home at night to their own house. Our day students have access to a number of Boarding School amenities like having a desk in a dorm room for use during the day, staying for dinner or spending the night when appropriate (and approved).
    • 5-day Boarding Student: A 5-day boarder typically lives within driving distance from TJ (3-6 hours). They live on campus during the week and go home on the weekends. This program is a great option for a student who is performing above what their local schools can offer, and whose parents enjoy the comfort of having them close-by. 5-day Boarders have the option to stay for the weekend when appropriate (and approved).
    • 7-day Boarding Student: A 7-day boarder typically lives too far away to go home on the weekends. TJ has 7-day boarders from all over the U.S. and from many countries including Albania, Poland, Mexico, China, Japan and South Korea.
  • How does technology fit into a TJ education?

    Technology provides essential tools for inquiry, exploration, communication, and creativity. Inside the classroom, it enhances instruction and discussion. Outside the classroom, it enables research, collaboration, and continued learning, all of which are fundamental to the high level of engagement that is the hallmark of our program.
  • What elective courses does TJ offer?

    Depending on the grade level, students have many choices in the areas of arts and Advanced Placement (AP) courses.
  • Do day students ever get to spend the night on campus?

    Yes. Periodically, there are school events in the evening that might make it difficult for parents to return to campus for pick-up. On such occasions, we can arrange for day students to stay in a dorm room. There are also times when a day student may board for a short period of time to accommodate parent obligations or emergencies.
  • Is TJ the right size for me?

    Bigger is not always better. In fact, if what you want is an environment where you are truly known and appreciated for who you are, then this is it. Whether you’re a day student or you board, TJ is your home away from home. It’s personal. You know everyone, and everyone knows you. Can the same be said if you’re just one of hundreds?
  • How many students and adults live on campus?

    The number can vary slightly from year to year. Currently, six Resident Assistants and the Director of Residence Life make their home here. They live in the campus home and in apartments attached to the student cottages. Boarding capacity is between 50 and 60. A small number of those students are five-day boarders from nearby areas who return to their homes on the weekend.
  • Where do TJ graduates go to college?

    We’re extremely proud of TJ’s distinguished college record. Our graduates compete with the best of them, gaining acceptance to top-notch colleges and universities throughout the US and abroad. Many of our graduates go on to pursue advanced degrees, mostly in the US but sometimes in other countries. The goal of our college guidance program is to help every individual student make the best personal choice, in terms of program, size, location, and institutional “personality.”
  • What do boarding students do on the weekends?

    For starters, they do what most teenagers do:  Sleep. Hang out with fellow boarding students. Enjoy reading a good book. Relax and watch TV. Do laundry. Shop at some our local stores near the school. Shoot hoops. Work out at our fitness center. Play video games.  Learn to play the piano or find a beat on our drum set. Go out to eat. Attend school planned cultural events from the symphony to the theatre. Socialize.  Work on art projects. Visit their local day-student friends. Sleep some more. Relax.

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