Welcome from the Head of School

Every TJ student remembers why we chose TJ over someplace else, why TJ felt like home. Some of us felt bored and wanted more; some of us felt overwhelmed in a big place; some of us wanted to be surrounded by other people our age who took school seriously; some of us longed to have more control over our own time and choices. And TJ gave us that thing that we were after—but it also gave us other, less expected gifts. We didn’t know the extent to which it would become an academic home where we could feel known and understood and appreciated; where we would learn to multitask in creative ways—like plopping down next to our math teacher in the gym so that we could ask for help on problem #12 while also cheering on the basketball team; where we would grow up alongside teenagers from all over the world and end up with a family that spans the globe.

As a TJ graduate, a TJ teacher, a TJ mom, and now TJ’s 6th head of school, I’m proud to invite you to explore how this exceptional school can help bright, motivated students grow into responsible citizens of the world. Together we experience a world of perspectives, test our own views, and listen to the experiences of others, whether those others are sharing a meal with us in the dining room or whether their voices come to us through literature and historical documents.

Read about what we do, but then—if at all possible—come visit. Take in our classes, hang out with our students, and feel for yourself the spark of our community.
Warm regards,
Jane Ballard Roth ‘91
Head of School
    • Jane Ballard Roth

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The best way to get to know TJ is by spending time on campus, meeting our students and experiencing our classes. See our community for yourself at one of our open houses, shadow days, or let us create the perfect visit just for you.

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