Mr. Boaz Roth receives Award of Merit from St. John's College

Greek and English teacher, Mr. Boaz Roth, was recognized by his alma mater this summer for outstanding achievement in the field of education. Mr. Roth is one of four recipients of the Award of Merit for 2022.
From St. John's: 
"Mr. Roth has dedicated his life to teaching in the St. John’s mode. He is Chair of the English Department at Thomas Jefferson School in St. Louis, where he has taught English, Greek, and math for almost 30 years and coached basketball for more than 20 seasons. The school has small, seminar based discussions in every discipline and boasts that its average student will have read 80 works of classic literature by graduation. His school’s basketball court has ἀρετή painted on its floor and a local newspaper once found it noteworthy to state that “The varsity basketball team huddles with coach Boaz Roth, then springs back and yells, full-throated: ‘Arete!’ This is how one cheers at Thomas Jefferson School.”

In addition to his Masters from St. John’s, where he is remembered both for his focus as a student and a driven basketball player, Mr. Roth earned a B.A. with a double major in philosophy and economic theory from the American University."

Congratulations, Mr. Roth!

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