April Student of the Month: Yuliana Rust

Congratulations to Yuliana Rust '23 for being chosen as April's Southwest Area Chamber of Commerce Student of the Month!

When nominating Yuliana, Mrs. Heidi Pieroni, her advisor, wrote:
She is an active participant in theater and music at TJ. Her freshman year, she was stage director in the All School Play. In her sophomore year she helped direct the 8th grade play: "Hamlet". This year, she had a role in the all school play, "Blithe Spirit". Finally, over the summer she took an acting intensive improv class at Southeast Missouri State University. 

Yuliana has taken every music class available to her at TJ. She is an accomplished pianist and is frequently an accompanist for student performers at TJ showcases. She has completed a vocal intensive summer class at Southeast Missouri State University. Her music teacher at TJ describes her as, "versatile, exceptionally talented, and always eager to collaborate with other students."

As a five day border, Yuliana is an active member of the community. She participates in yearbook, student council, boarding council, and the student ambassador program. Yuliana is a bilingual student. She speaks English and Russian, and she is currently studying French and German. In her AP Biology class she is working on a year-long research project on bilingualism and the brain. Finally, Yuliana is a year-round athlete, participating in varsity volleyball, basketball, and soccer. Despite all of these activities, she carries a 4.0 GPA.

This upcoming summer, Yuliana will be participating in a song-writing workshop at Berklee School of Music in Boston. Next year, Yuliana is interested in applying to NYU, Berklee, and UNC to study music and journalism.

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