Equality Club Discussion Group | NEW DATE

Jim Pesek
Once more, Equality Club is hosting a discussion group. This time, rather than reading a news article or opinion piece, we will be reading a journal article entitled “Dis/ability Critical Race Theory (DisCrit): Theorizing at the Intersections of Race and Dis/ability”. Our discussion will focus on Critical Race Theory and Dis/abilities and their role in a white supremacist society. There will be two separate discussion groups: persons impacted and persons not impacted by said oppression. This discussion will be part of an ongoing series connected to the topic of Critical Race Theory and Dis/ability, and participants are encouraged to join one or all of the discussions in this series. Our first meeting will take place at 4:00 pm (CDT) on Friday, April 16. All participants are asked to read through page eleven of the article, which can be found in the Resources section of MyTJS or can be sent via email. Please contact Mr. Pesek at jrpesek@tjs.org with questions or for a copy of the article.

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