The middle school at TJ imagines itself as transitional and foundational, a true midpoint. With students from disparate elementary school backgrounds, the courses build confidence and intellectual skill, helping students build the tools they will need for the more challenging work of the high school program. While the course work is accelerated, teachers meet each student where they are. Embracing this age group’s childish exuberance as well as the growing ability to think abstractly, the middle school faculty guides students through this often difficult stage of intellectual and personal development.

TJ’s middle school program cultivates the habits (and habits of mind) that lead to later academic and personal success. In a nurturing environment, students build strong academic practices: organization, goal-setting, time-management, and study skills. Students receive instruction in each of the core subjects, with a focus on building both foundational knowledge and a sense of joy, excitement, and confidence in learning. 

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