• Apr

    College Class (required)

    Gym - Basketball Court - 1
    We will meet with Sam Prince TJ'10, who is now an admissions counselor for  Bard College (his alma mater). He will present "How to write the 'Why this college?'" supplement that many colleges require. Be sure to bring your computer.
  • Apr

    College Class for Sophomores

    Gym - Basketball Court - 1
    An introduction to the College process
  • Apr

    Midwest Teenage Mental Health Conference

    Zoom ID: 386 301 8494
    Passcode: mhc

    Click here for more information.
  • Midwest Teens Mental Health Conference

    3rd annual student-organized conference! This year's leadership team is Sonora Halili '21 and Aaron Zheng '22.
    Zoom ID: 386 301 8494
  • Apr

    AAPI Discussion

    This all-school meeting is intended to provide space for students to express their concerns and feelings about the rising attacks on Asian American and Pacific Islanders (AAPI) in the U.S. and to give students an opportunity to ask questions and think about how they can support AAPI students and families.

    In-person students, meet in the gym from 1:15-2:00 p.m.

    Virtual students, log in here: https://us02web.zoom.us/j/9143070643
  • Apr

    Larry Morgan Lecture Series Presents Xian Horn

    Please join us for TJ's annual Larry Morgan Lecture Series (required for students, open to everyone). Zoom link: https://us02web.zoom.us/j/89797340748

    This year's speaker is Xian Horn, who will give a talk entitled "Authenticity, Advocacy, and Allyship" followed by 30 min. of Q&A. Using her own journey, Xian will share tools to maintaining greater self-esteem and authenticity. How to “be yourself“ and a leader when the world tries to tell you who you should be, and how to advocate and be an ally to others who need your support.

    Note: No homework will be assigned for the next day.
    Read More
  • Apr

    Student Workshop with Xian Horn

    Follow up to the previous night's lecture: “Purpose, Dreams, and Counter-Culture”

    Students will consider their role models while exploring techniques or mindset shifts for letting go of cultural and external expectations, excuses from taking action on the things we’re passionate about.

    Zoom link: https://us02web.zoom.us/j/82735054975
  • Cabaret Rehearsals

    Merrill Main - Common Rm.
    Wed. and Fri. 1-4:30, with possible Thursday rehearsal if Cab moves to Friday night
  • Apr

    Cabaret Rehearsals

    Merrill Main - Common Rm.
    Wed. and Fri. 1-4:30, with possible Thursday rehearsal if Cab moves to Friday night
  • Apr

    Cabaret Rehearsals

    Merrill Main - Common Rm.
    Wed. and Fri. 1-4:30, with possible Thursday rehearsal if Cab moves to Friday night
  • Equality Club Discussion Group

    Our discussion will focus on Critical Race Theory and Dis/abilities and their role in a white supremacist society. There will be two separate discussion groups: persons impacted and persons not impacted by said oppression. This discussion will be part of an ongoing series connected to the topic of Critical Race Theory and Dis/ability, and participants are encouraged to join one or all of the discussions in this series. All participants are asked to read through page eleven of the article, which can be found in the Equality Club resource board in the Resources section of MyTJS or can be sent via email. Please contact Mr. Pesek at jrpesek@tjs.org with questions or for a copy of the article.
  • Apr

    Cabaret Night

    This annual event features performances by TJ students and even some faculty! From piano to guitar in combos or solo, students will raise their voices and astound you with their talent!  Bring your lawn chairs or blankets for "A Starry Night" Cabaret.
  • Cabaret Presents "Starry Night"

    For more information, click here.

    Live-stream link:
  • Apr

    Midquarter grade review

  • Apr

    Back-up date for all-school trip

    Conditions permitting
  • Apr

    Back-up date for all-school trip

    Conditions permitting
  • Apr

    Back-up date for all-school trip

    Conditions permitting
  • Senior Night

  • Apr

    Financial Aid 101

    Ariel Brown of Washington University will be presenting to parents of juniors and sophomores and any junior or sophomore students who wish to attend. The session will be recorded. The zoom link is the following:

  • Apr

    College Class for Juniors (required)

    Gym - Basketball Court - 1
    A Mock Admissions committee activity with Washington University. There will be reading materials ahead of time.


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