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From the Head of School

“If only...”

I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve heard those words from the mouths of visitors to our school. But that’s only the beginning of the sentence. Its ending is the really important part: “If only… I could have gone to TJ!”

It’s amazing how what we do at TJ resonates with people who cherish the life of the mind and understand the power of education. And I’m not just talking about adults, who have the privilege of hindsight— sometimes their children see it, too.

Many students decide to come to TJ based on an immediate feeling of connection, from the first moment they find us. Somehow, it’s just a “fit.” However, it doesn’t always happen that way. For some, a little more time and thought are required before the choice is made. Sometimes, coming here involves taking a leap of faith and getting into the experience. For those who are willing to take that leap and stay engaged, the pay-off can be tremendous. It’s what we all want: an educational experience that is second to none. This includes, in the near term, being extremely well prepared for college. In the longer term, it includes never having to say, “If only…”


Elizabeth L. Holekamp, Ph.D.