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The goal of the science department at Thomas Jefferson School is to familiarize students with different branches of science, strengthen critical thinking skills, and foster intellectual curiosity. All courses focus on the development of theories and postulates through the scientific method. In addition to this objective, the upper-level courses prepare students for both the AP exams and future college level science study. All courses include hands on demonstrations and laboratory exercises. Small class sizes allow for maximum student contact with instructor, peers, and both conceptual and physical materials.

Within the department, the intertwined nature of the three major branches of science is highlighted as students work with across the disciplines—in history, English, or math—to tackle real-world problems. This cross curricular emphasis teaches students that concise and organized expression of thought is necessary through all academic disciplines.


The lab portion allows students to practice transforming detailed material into an applicable and flexible worldview through investigational and inquiry based labs. Students will gain experience with current tools and methods of scientific research.


Technology within the classroom and lab is used to aid rather than guide learning for both students and the instructor. Technology, such as Vernier LabQuests and Google Apps for Education, is used consistently across the curriculum to encourage collaboration and develop skills that build throughout a student's career. Students complete the science program with the tools necessary to explore their natural curiosity in college and in life.


The department also takes advantage of local resources, including visits from local scientific experts and field trips, such as Physics Day at Six Flags and a tour of the Washington University genetics lab.



Earth and Environmental Science


Introduction to Chemistry


Introduction to Biology


AP Physics 1 (AP test optional)


AP elective: Biology, Chemistry, or Physics 2


additional AP elective for students accelerated in math

The science sequence introduces you to a way of thinking about the world and inspires you to investigate how science interacts in our lives everyday. After solidifying (in grades 7 through 10) a knowledge base for the main branches of science, students then have the opportunity to continue with at least one Advanced Placement (AP) science course.