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Planned Giving

Your generosity makes a real difference in the lives of TJ students. With a planned gift you can create a lasting legacy. 
What is a planned gift?
Planned giving is an array of charitable gift options that enable you to give generously to your school while creating potential financial benefits for you and your family. Some planned gifts provide donors like you with lifelong income. Other types let you use tax planning techniques to maximize a gift, minimize its impact on your estate, or both. 
Planned gifts vehicles generally fall into two categories: 
  1. Outright gifts, such as gifts of appreciated securities, that benefit the school now
  2. Deferred gifts, such as bequests that the school will receive at a later date
They may be one of the following: 
  • The gift of an asset, such as stocks or bonds that have grown in value, real estate, or benefits from a retirement account
  • A gift provided by a financial vehicle, such as a charitable lead or remainder trust
We will work with you to structure a gift option that will help you meet your financial and philanthropic goals. 
How do you make a planned gift?
  • Consider the possibilities. Meet with TJ's development officer to discuss the different programs the school offers and to see how your needs align. 
  • Get independent advice. Once you have talked with TJ, consult your own attorney or financial planner to make sure the proposed gift suits your circumstances needs and plans. 
Why should you tell TJ about the gift?
Many planned gifts of bequest and other types of differed gifts come as a surprise to the school. But there are two good reasons to tell us about your plans.
  1. You can be certain that you and the TJ agree on how to use the funds and secure your legacy. 
  2. You will inspire other prospective donors by publicly acknowledging your commitment. In that way your future generosity will help TJ today. 
***Information supplied by NAIS.