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Small School. Big Impact.

Thank you for your interest in Thomas Jefferson School (TJ)!  Our internationally recognized boarding and day school is home to a purposefully diverse and deliberately sized student body of academically talented students. We like to think of ourselves as a small place that thinks big.  

Since 1946, TJ has delivered the best in a liberal-arts, college preparatory curriculum, and as such, our students consistently score in the top 2% of SAT scores nationwide. Our track record of excellence consistently sets us apart from our peer day and boarding schools. Students and faculty interact in and out of the classroom, and our small class sizes fosters an environment where lively discussions are both encouraged and expected.  Clubs, organizations, sports, and many other activities help our students become leaders. Excellence is our motto, and our aspiration.

I value your interest in our school, and appreciate the time it takes to participate in the admissions process. I cannot wait to get to know your family!

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Erin Walsh 
Director of Enrollment and Communications

T H O M A S   J E F F E R S O N   S C H O O L 
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O U R   M I S S I O N 

Thomas Jefferson School gives its students the strongest possible academic background through a classical education. Within a nurturing community, students develop a responsibility for their own learning and a desire to lift up the world with beauty and intellect.