Learning » Academic Overview

Academic Overview

Middle-School Program


English 7

Algebra 1

Latin 1

World Geography

Earth and Environmental Science

Visual Arts (semester 1)

Theatre Fundamentals (semester 2)


English 8

Algebra 2

Latin 2

Ancient World History

Introduction to Chemistry

Performing Arts (semester 1)

Visual Arts (semester 2)

High-School Program


English 9: Literature and Composition

Geometry and Introduction to Statistics

Greek 1: Homeric

Modern World History

Introduction to Biology

Fine-arts elective


English 10: Literature and Composition

Advanced Algebra/Trigonometry

Greek 2: Attic

AP U.S. Government and Politics*

AP Physics 1*

Fine-arts elective

* 10th-grade AP courses are test optional; by spring break, students choose if they will take the AP in May.


AP English Literature and Composition


Modern-language elective: Accelerated Introductory French or Italian

AP elective (See the note that follows on Advanced Placement courses)

Fine-arts elective


AP English Language and Composition

AP Calculus BC or AP Statistics*

Accelerated Intermediate French or Italian

AP U.S. History (required for U.S. citizens, elective for others)

Fine-arts elective

* Students who have completed the AP math requirement in the junior year elect an additional AP course in science, social science, or math. See note on AP courses for details about offerings.