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The TJ Fund

There has never been a better time or greater need to support the TJ Fund than right now! Every year, TJ depends on the annual fund for revenue beyond tuition to support an outstanding learning environment for students and teachers. Those same needs remain in 2020-2021, but this year the School faces extraordinary costs to ensure the social-emotional well being of our students learning on campus and across the globe. All gifts to the TJ Fund are used in the same year they are received, so please make your gift early to support TJ students at this very moment.

Your gift to 2020-2021 TJ Fund will help cover costs for:
  • Covid-19 resources to ensure students know they are in a safe environment. 
  • Additional training for faculty to provide the strongest education possible for students no matter where they are learning. 
  • Unmet student financial aid for families affected by a weakened economy.
  • Remote learning technology upgrades for every classroom, including high quality microphones that ensure a synchronous experience for all learners. 
  • New furniture to accommodate physical distancing in classrooms and outdoor spaces.
Because tuition and fees do not cover the full cost of educating students. The Annual Fund helps close the operating gap, moderates tuition increases and keeps all the social-emotional benefits of a TJ education accessible to the widest range of qualified students possible.

Frequently Asked Questions

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  • Do all independent schools fundraise?

    Yes, all independent schools fundraise. Tuition is the "price tag" for an independent school education, but it is not the true cost.
  • Why is Annual Giving so important? What does it fund?

    Tuition covers about 92 percent of the school’s annual budget; Annual Giving support pays for the essentials needed for excellence. Annual Giving impacts every part of our community—faculty and staff recruitment and retention, academic programming, technology, athletics, visual and performing arts, the unique socioeconomic diversity of our community, and more.
  • Why doesn’t TJ simply raise tuition to cover the true cost of a TJ education?

    TJ endeavors to maintain tuition rates that are comparable with peer schools and kept at a level that makes an independent school education possible for a wide scope of families with varying economic circumstances.

    Keeping tuition rates moderated, without compromising the quality of our educational program, is an important core value of TJ.
  • Why am I asked to increase my gift each year?

    Each year, it costs more to run the school, particularly to attract and retain TJ’s outstanding faculty and staff. Annual Giving revenues represent a set percentage of the budget, so they must increase, as well.
  • How much am I expected to give?

    Our request is that you make TJ a top philanthropic priority. We ask that you contribute at a level that is personally meaningful and that makes sense for your family. Gifts range from $20 to $50,000+. A meaningful gift is often defined as four percent of your gross salary.
    Every gift is greatly valued and deeply appreciated.
  • Is my gift tax-deductible?

    Annual Giving donations are tax-deductible to the fullest extent of the law. Our Tax ID Number is MO 12545988.
  • Why is 100 percent participation so important?

    It is a vote of confidence in our school, our faculty, and our educational mission.

    100 percent participation is evidence that everyone in our community shares in the effort. This supports our philosophy that we must all work together to provide our children and the future generations of graduates with the best possible education.

    High Annual Giving participation is a benchmark used by foundations and outside funders when deciding which of the many worthwhile schools will receive their financial support.
  • Who is asked to contribute to Annual Giving?

    All members of our extended community are asked to participate each year. TJ typically enjoys 100 percent participation from faculty and staff and the Board of Trustees. Historically, participation by current parents ranges from 69-75 percent and alumni participation ranges from 12-14 percent.

Your Participation Matters

Every gift, regardless of size, makes a difference.

Each year, our community’s collective contributions provide us with the financial flexibility to enhance our programs and enrich our student’s educational experience. Annual giving is a critical component of our operating budget, but the impact of your donation does not end there. Your participation in the TJ Fund is an indicator of our community’s shared commitment to the success and sustainability of Pacific Ridge and sends a powerful message to other donors.

Whether you give $50 or $5,000, know that your gift has an immediate and meaningful impact on each student’s social-emotional wellbeing.

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