Student Spotlight

Amidst the plethora of independent & parochial schools in the St. Louis area, it is hard to pass over the crown jewel, albeit a hidden one. Once you cross over the threshold of the heavy red door, nothing but 'what lies ahead?' begs the question.  Whereas most prospective families look for a lineup of 'what one must expect' criteria in a school, I looked for 'does this feel like I belong?". An unequivocally resounding 'yes' was organically felt throughout my visiting day and ever since then. Is TJ hard - of course!  Is it for everyone - most definitely not! Is it worth it - is that a rhetorical question? Nothing in life is worth having without a battle, and the battle for my future, that is laden with success, love of learning, & eagerness to question the status quo has just begun. I chose TJ in the same way that it has chosen me:  it felt like I belong, and these walls were the holders of my brethren.
Class of 2022
Day Student