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At TJ, the exchange of ideas becomes a way of life, and ideas are often valued more than answers. A classical liberal-arts approach to education is the basis for the TJ curriculum. Students immerse themselves in the fundamental college-prep areas of English, math, language, science, social studies, and art, choosing electives in certain areas as they get older, but sharing a core educational experience with peers across all grades. Students learn to think deeply and mine for knowledge and ideas, and they learn to demand that from themselves, their classmates, and their teachers.

A classical education means much more than the study of Greek and Latin. Its object of study is “the best that has been thought and said.” Above all, a classical education will push and keep wide open the two doors of higher learning: numbers and words. Therefore, we aim to ground students in the fundamental subject areas of English, math, language, history, science, and art over all six years of the program.