TJ's Titanium Titan Accept the Challenge

Why would thirteen people come together at school on a Saturday morning just to watch a Star-Wars-themed video? On September 7, the Robotics team, along with their future members, gathered together in BioChem to watch the 2019-2020 season FTC Game Reveal (or what Mr. Smith called “Game Revelation”). 
FTC, standing for FIRST Tech Challenge, is a robotics competition that allows students to compete at events similar to a sport tournament model. But it’s way more than simply building robots. An FTC team not only needs to be able to design, program, and build an original model to complete tasks in the game, but they also need to fundraise, promote STEM, and actively engage with greater communities. These tasks are not easy, but 5404 TJ Titanium Titans happens to excel at them. With great commitment and "Gracious Professionalism" (a major theme of FIRST), we succeeded in earning several awards last season. Behind our glory are countless efforts and toil. It has indeed been a long journey. 
But we will continue. Climb every mountain, as one might say. With a new season and new faces on the team, maybe a brighter future does await for us. This year and the year beyond.  
5404 Titanium Titans