One way or another, everyone plays. What this means is that some students who would never have the experience of playing on a team in a larger school do get the benefit of it here.

At TJ, you get to choose: you can either join a team sport or enroll in an afternoon athletic activity, according to your own preference. You’ll be encouraged, but not pressured, to give team sports a try at some point. Over the years, countless TJ students with little or no background in team sports have chosen to don the Titan blue and white and challenge themselves in this way, and some have even made a name for themselves.   

TJ belongs to the twelve-team Metro Athletic Conference (MAC), whose membership comprises similarly small schools. This affiliation affords our students the opportunity to engage in spirited competition with other schools in multiple sports. We are also an affiliate member of the Missouri High School Activities Association (MSHAA).

Occasionally, we have students who are already established in athletic pursuits that aren’t among our own offerings. If a student wishes to continue his or her engagement with a sport outside of TJ (recent examples: gymnastics, crew, swimming, baseball, fencing, karate, dance), we are happy to support and accommodate that. If you fall into this category, our flexible afternoon schedule makes it possible for you to maintain such a commitment.

Varsity Sports

The athletics year is divided into three seasons according to a trimester schedule. Most athletics are coached or proctored by a faculty member, along with a few outside coaches.

Varsity and Junior Varsity Sports  

Soccer - Basketball - Volleyball 

Offered for both boys and girls, these typically meet four days a week for hour-long practices. The teams compete against other schools our size, both in regular games and weekend tournaments.

Intramural Sports

In recent years, offerings have included:

Fitness - Tennis - Yoga – Weightlifting - Running

These meet twice a week for between 45 and 90 minutes, depending on the activity. 


Outdoor Facilities

Our soccer field and five tennis courts see lots of action during the fall and spring seasons.


TJ’s gym was built in 1952 on the plans of famed local architect William Bernoudy (a student of Frank Lloyd Wright) and is known in engineering and design circles for its spectacular lamella roof system. The building has been renovated and expanded in recent years. This includes the maple basketball floor that carries our motto, the Greek word for “human excellence.” This is the rallying cry for all of TJ’s teams. Each year our gym is the host venue for tournaments and other athletic events.

Training Facility 

Adjoining the gym is an annex containing team rooms and a light-filled workout room with weight machines and other training and fitness equipment. The room also serves as a dance studio.

TJ’s athletic facilities are available for use by students, faculty, and staff during off hours. On any given day, there might be a pick-up basketball game in the gym, an impromptu soccer or tennis match on the field or courts, or a weight-training session in the workout room.

All of our athletic facilities are available for use by outside groups during off times, particularly the summer months. Contact our Athletic Director for more information about arrangements and rental rates.


Contact Our Athletic Director

Boaz Roth

Ext. 2357