Student Activities

From the all-school play and student government to community service and travel abroad, students can participate not only in school-centered activities but also in events within the larger community. Sometimes these activities serve to enrich their studies, but just as often they allow students to develop new skills or just to enjoy some time away from campus.

Student Activities

Comprised of students, parents, and teachers, the Student Activities Committee (SAC) plans an annual roster of diverse activities. This group organizes trips to cultural and athletic events, including the school’s attendance at all six yearly productions by The Repertory Theatre of St. Louis. Some of these events are required; others are optional. In addition, the SAC organizes on-campus entertainment, such as film nights and workshops on crafts and games, and does long-range planning to revise and develop programs.

A number of other ad hoc activities take place at the initiative of students or teachers and are announced at weekly assemblies.

Service Learning

Service-learning projects are a meaningful way for students to gain a sense of responsibility for others and an appreciation for activities that do not provide monetary rewards. To that end, everyone participates in service learning before graduating, with the number of required hours depending on a student’s years at TJ. Through events organized by the Service-Learning Committee, younger students are introduced to some of the many service possibilities in the larger St. Louis community.