TJ’s success as a school is built squarely on the people within it. The governance and organizational structure may have evolved over the years, but the bedrock remains the same: multi-talented and dedicated faculty and staff, teaching and learning alongside extraordinarily bright students whose parents are committed to providing this exceptional type of education for them.

School Governance

TJ is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization, governed by a Board of Trustees comprising 10-16 members. Trustees serve a three-year term that can be renewed for one additional term. Board members may be alumni, alumni parents, or friends of the school. Paid employees of the school and parents of current students may not be trustees, but they may (and do) serve on Board committees or task forces. At present, the Board has seven standing committees and one task force. The Board of Trustees meets formally four times a year. Most committees also meet at least four times a year. The Head of School is the sole employee of the Board of Trustees.

Administrative and Campus Operations, Academic Operations

These areas are managed by faculty and staff in a relatively “flat” structure that encourages cooperation and collaboration. There are multiple opportunities for faculty leadership development, in particular. School-level committees and task forces provide support in a variety of areas. Committee membership may include parents, faculty, staff, and students.

Parents and Alumni

All TJ parents belong to the TJ Parent Association, which exists to engage parents with the school and with each other, in support of TJ’s mission. The TJ Alumni Association seeks to maintain connections between and among alumni, alumni families, and the school, also in support of TJ’s mission. 


TJ students participate formally in student governance through Student Council and Boarding Council. They serve on various school committees and are also directly involved in the formation and running of activities and clubs.

Thomas Jefferson School Organizational Chart